Please ensure you have clicked on the "BOOKINGS" tab and thoroughly read my session requirements & expectations.




I have my very own studio and play space in Peterborough. I am available here most days/times with notice and booked in advance. I can cater for many scenarios in my well equiped, private premises.


I book sessions in  advance. All bookings require a deposit to secure your time booked.


I have an extensive amount of fetish equipment and a vast dressing up box to cater for almost every fetish, fantasy, scenario & more. I am also excellent at roleplay! And can pull off most scenarios with great success.


I've been a professional model & actress for over 15 years. I love dressing up & experimenting with looks & styles. I pride myself on an immaculate appearance and live a healthy active lifestyle to look my best.




I expect my clients to be polite & respectful at all times, professional minded, genuine, honest & upfront about what they require during a session. Disclose any medical problems that may cause issues. Most importantly, please be ON TIME for your session (not early), clean, presentable & not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any breech of these rules & the session will terminate with no refund!


I offer punishment  sessions for your misdemeanors and domination only!!! I remain fully clothed at all times!!! I do not session topless or in the nude!




I don't like to rush or clock watch on bookings. I do have a busy schedule so like to keep within agreed time frames. I always allow adequate change over/set up time between sessions.


Typically we have time for a chat when you arrive, I appreciate that some of you will have travelled some distance and may need to unwind for a few minutes before your booking starts. There is also time after your booking to refresh & discuss the booking before you head off.


Please allow yourself plenty of time for your travel. It's not always possible to run over past our agreed time slots due to other working commitments. If you arrive late this could result in a shorter booking. I don't offer refunds for shorter bookings due to late arrival. You are paying for my time, not yours.




As much as I enjoy my work, my time is also very precious. I don't give it away for free!.

Min booking 1 hour @ £200 per hour. I have very limited time for real time sessions!




A non refundable deposit is required to secure & confirm ALL bookings.

This is to avoid timewasters. No deposit = no booking!

If you don't want to pay a deposit then please don't waste time getting in touch.


I do not suffer fools gladly, I can spot time wasters a mile away. I have heard every excuse in the book for cancelling won't wash! Just be honest and up front about things. If you're nervous, tell me!! Don't blatantly lie to me to try and get out of your booking, it's incredibly insulting! And cowardly. I can't have respect for someone who lies! Not turning up (no shows) after making agreements, its frustrating & disrespectful  behaviour. You won't get a second chance. It takes 20 seconds to send an email, text or phone call to let me know you won't be attending your booking! There are no excuses for this behaviour!


Deposits are strictly non refundable under ANY circumstances.




If you wish to remain on good terms & have to cancel at short notice compensating me for my time is appreciated.

If a cancellation is made within 72 hours of the booking, I will require my fees to be paid in full. A cancellation within one week will require 50% of the fee to be paid.




I enjoy the following types of play during sessions, this is not an exhaustive list so please enquire if you think I may like to participate in something with you.


My List of Activities I Will Partake In...

Domestic Discipline, Spanking, CP, OTK, Whipping, Flogging, Paddling, Feminisation, Sissy & Maid Training, Slave Training, Face Slapping,  Humiliation, SPH, Collar & Lead Play, Verbal Abuse, Punching/Human Punchbags, BB/CBT, Trampling, Shoe, Boot Worship, Role-play/Scenarios (Army, Nurse, Policewoman, Strict Boss, Headteacher etc. I possess all uniforms for each role too), Interrogation, Solitary Confinement, Forced Feeding, Sploshing (WAM), Bondage, Restraining, Blindfolds, Mummification, Financial Slavery.


**Please note I DO NOT participate in anything dangerous, life threatening, golden showers, scat, blood or needle play or intimate body worship or sexual relief!!** Just in case you didn't get that the first time I said I DO NOT offer these services!


I love role-play and I'm  a very versatile disciplinarian providing strict, no nonsense sessions, relaxed & friendly, fun sessions. I enjoy each style, if I have a free run I just go with whatever suits my mood for the day. So those that session with me on a regular basis will always be kept on their toes and won't know what to expect from one session to the next. I will guarantee that no matter what you're looking for I will make your fantasy a reality!!



I understand that some of you aren't subs or slaves and therefore don't want to be treated as such, you're just here for the "kink" you're into and that isn't a problem. You don't have to call me "Mistress" and kneel before me! I have a wide range of clients and I respect all needs and wishes! If it's "not your thing" we don't do it! I want my clients to feel comfortable and safe in my hands.


Despite having high standards & expectations from my slaves & subs, I am also fair and easy to engage with. I am always ready to listen or talk about concerns that you may have about any session or activities.


I may have a strict/professional approach & manner to a lot of things and enjoy handing out punishments . I want my subs to be relaxed , reassured and comfortable when coming to visit me, even if they are nervous about being on the receiving end of a good hard punishment.


I don't enjoy sessions if I think my subs are not into something! I don't like going through the motions for the sake of earning money either. I take working in this environment very seriously! I like to have fun though and enjoy the sessions too! I don't session with everyone, I have to feel confident that we will have a positive connection & suited to each others preferences.


Limits are always respected, as I hope mine are also! Safe words can be used if you wish.


Be warned I do expect to be treated with respect at all times and don't suffer fools gladly!! I may be amenable but don't take ANY nonsense!


One liner emails asking "what will you do to me" & "I want to be your slave" will be ignored! If you can't compose a literate email we probably won't get on. I like to deal with intelligent, respectful people. You probably haven't even read this far if you're one of those one liner type's anyway!



And finally....


I DO NOT offer any sexual relief  or escort services whatsoever! No exceptions, not even if you look like Brad Pitt & have a bank balance to match! I am NOT an escort.

I am not interested in the slightest in watching you masturbate either so don't bother asking unless you want to completely ruin the session for me, get kicked out and never asked back again. And I certainly do not wish to receive "oral gratification" from any subs or slaves!!

The answer will always be NO to the above!

I am not interested in forming intimate relationships of any kind nor am I wanting any form of intimate body worship. Again that's NO intimate touching of my body, your hands keep strictly to yourself and away from me!

There is a NO touching rule if you think you might not be able to control yourself go somewhere that caters for this style of play.


If you think you might be in with a chance for any of the above, think again, you won't be 'the one' to change me or be the exception to the rule!

**Anyone breaking these rules during a session will be asked to leave with no refund for the session** Anyone asking via email will simply be ignored or blocked**

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