Psychology - sessions on a more serious note.


For years I have been interested in psychology and people. What makes us tick and act the way we do. How we interact with people. Behaviour, mental states of mind and much more.


I believe this interest stemmed from emotional stresses whilst growing up. As well as seeing people I care for deeply go through equally hard times, feeling alone with no outlet of communication to help pass through these traumatic times.


A traumatised brain reacts in funny ways! It's never good holding in emotions. They will find a way out - and maybe not in the greatest of ways,


I wanted to help others in similar positions and have since done a substantial amount of research and self directed study into areas surrounding psychology, including talking with counsellors & social workers on a personal level, and also to gain advice and  learn from them in order to help others with mentoring. Sometimes people just want to feel safe talking to someone who will liten to them. Something so simple can help so much.


Similarly I have found talking to others that have overcome past struggles themselves, insightful, a great help and very useful for my own personal benefit and in order to try and help others.


Talking is a wonderful thing. Sadly not everyone has someone they can trust to talk too or find it easy to do.


I find the world of fetish truly amazing. It is so unique, intriguing, fascinating yet bizarre - there is no denying that! It's an emotional playground and every single journey leading here is different.


There is so much to explore. I have seen and experienced a lot of fun exciting times within this mad little world. But I have also seen a lot of sad, mixed emotions and confused people too, who need an outlet and to come to terms with their sexuality and true self.


I believe life is a journey - things happen for a reason and we can learn from everything good or bad!


Whilst offering roleplay and fantasy sessions and turning fantasies into reality - I have found there are a number clients that wish to talk on a much deeper level whilst exploring and coming to terms with their fetish or kink finding who they really are - and accepting parts of their sexuality or personality within that they battle with. They simply have never been able to share this part of their lives with anyone!! That must be pretty tough at times!


I am more than happy to offer services of listening, support, advice & encouragement whilst helping you come to terms with your inner self.


I myself have had many struggles and experiences in life. Despite being relatively young I have seen and experienced many areas of life, travelled and worked across the world as well as living across the globe.


I found strength in using these experiences good and bad to help others overcome their personal struggles and turmoil.


I do not possess all the answers, nor am I here to tell you what to do. I can genuinely say I do understand, I'm open minded and non judgemental. I care and want to help and offer support, encouragement and guidance in the right direction.


I'm not here to judge or criticise. It is easy to mock or dismiss what we don't understand as being "stupid" or "weird". What you see on the surface isn't necessarily what you get on the inside!!


Feeling trapped and lonely in this crazy world is never a good thing! Everybody deserves the mental freedom to express themselves for who they truly are provided they are not hurting others mentally or physically in the process.


It is never a good thing to bottle up emotions and stress - everyone needs someone to talk to openly without fear of rejection.


We are who we are and so many factors and influences outside our control have shaped us before we were even old enough to remember.


If you need help with coming to terms with who you are and want help to over come  your  insecurities, suffering or self destructive thoughts please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns.


Domination and submission isn't about harm - physical or mental! It should not be used to physically torture yourself or others - for personal challenges you harbor within or insecurities you bare. Neither domination or submission should be taken advantage of!!


I have the utmost respect for all my clients out of session times despite their preferences during sessions.


If I feel I am unable to help you I can offer advice and guidance in the right direction to getting you the help you need.


All sessions and private information is treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion in all circumstances.


Don't be afraid to ask!!!


Respect Always

Miss Superior

(c) Superior Woman 2019