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Before we begin!


I'm a Goddess - I deserve the best!


If you want to serve me, put your money where your mouth is! Tribute or gift me first before contacting me & include the following information:




Past Experience (if any)

Types of play/games/servitude/interests



Do not expect my attention without proving you are genuine & worth even a second of my precious time. I'm too busy for timewasters! If you don't interest me you will just be ignored - keep trying if you wish to be noticed.


I'm a Goddess & I'm greedy! I love money & money loves me!


I'm classy & intelligent! I succeed you in EVERY way.


I'm spoilt & demanding, I'm a complete diva & ALWAYS get what I want - and you love me for it.


I'm irresistible to men! I turn dominant alpha males into weak idiots! So I will completely ruin you pathetic weakling losers.


Everything about me is hypnotic.


I AM perfection. I am everything you dream of, everything you desire, yet can NEVER have.


I'll exploit your desires & use your fetishes to manipulate you into a weak state of mind. Prepare to be completely owned, ADDICTED & destroyed! I'll completely blow those little piggy brains away.


Leave your boring lives behind and enter into my world.


You'll think of nothng else apart from pleasing me! I'll consume your thoughts 24/7. You crave me so badly. You can never get enough of me.


Now get on your knees & worship!



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